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Basketball Wives Season 10 “You can expect to see a lot of fights, a lot of love and a lot of drama!”

VH1’s Basketball Wives premiere viewing party was in full swing Monday, May 16th in downtown Los Angeles! The Reality Rundown had the pleasure of being invited to the private event and got the opportunity to talk with the ladies of Basketball Wives and watch premiere with the cast for the first time! In our interview with Brittish Williams she states, “Everything turned out right because it was my year to plan it, so it’s all good!” and good it was because the venue and décor was stunning! The ladies of Basketball Wives were all in attendance for the private premiere except Shaunie O’Neal and Malaysia Pargo. However, it is unclear as to why the pair was not in attendance for the season 10 premiere. 

Basketball season 10 began with the Christie’s (Jackie and Doug) getting ready for their 26th year wedding anniversary ceremony! Jackie gave us the tea on her secret to longevity in the industry. She said “It is definitely communication, having fun and we laugh at ourselves. It’s all about really being into your mate. I love the things that he loves! His hobbies are my hobbies.” Their beautiful ceremony brought the entire cast together. In our interview Jackie Christie states, “You are going to see me bring back some of the past women” and that’s exactly what we saw as we were introduced to DJ Duffey, Angel Brinks, Brooke Bailey, Malaysia Pargo, Brittish Williams, Jennifer Williams, Brandi Maxiell, Nia and Noria Dorsey. Shaunie O’Neal phoned Jackie Christie to inform her that due to travel delays she would not be in attendance for the ceremony. As the ladies took their seats the immediate tension between long time besties Brandi and Malaysia was quickly noticed by Jennifer. Jennifer asked Malaysia if the two were not speaking anymore and Malaysia clarifies, “We use to be tight, but we haven’t seen each other in three years and we just don’t talk.” Now one could speculate that this new feud may have had a hand in Malaysia’s absence in not attending the premiere party.

Fans got an opportunity to welcome back long-time vet Jennifer Williams along with familiar faces Brooke Bailey and DJ Duffey. In our interview Jennifer Williams states, “I can’t believe this is season 10! It’s like where did the time go.” Williams told us she’s excited for fans to get to see her personal story instead of the one that fans are used to seeing. She said, “We’ve had some departures and my name has always been attached to certain people so I’m excited for people to see more of my story and get to know Jennifer.” Although Jennifer does not want to give it away, she told us, “I’m definitely not good with everyone.” Brooke Bailey told us she’s excited for fans to see her with her family this season as she attempted to start the season with a clear mind. Brooke laughingly said, “I tried to come in with a clear mind, but I backslid a little bit.” When we got a chance to catch up with DJ Duffey, she says she ready for fans to see her in her family setting. She states, “I’m excited for fans to see me in my personal setting with my family. People see the lit turned up DJ, but people don’t get to see me as a mom and fiancé.” DJ Duffey also proclaims herself as the “peacemaker” amongst the ladies.

In the season 10 premiere, Jackie Christie stunned the crowd in her beautiful emerald gown as she makes her way to the love of her life, Doug Christie. The beautiful couple exchange vows while fans are shown a sentimental montage of the couple over the years. Once everyone arrives to the reception, Brandi decides to go and greet former bestie Malaysia. She informs Malaysia that her father passed away and Malaysia admits she had no idea this happened. Brandi doesn’t believe this to be true. However, to avoid a fight at Jackie and Doug’s reception, Brandi walks off and Malaysia leaves the event.

Days following the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, Jackie and Shaunie meet up for a shopping date to catch up. Shaunie was not able to make it to the wedding due to flight delays and cancellations out of Houston. Shaunie opens up about falling in love with her new boo! Jackie informs Shaunie about the tension between Malaysia and Brandi. Shaunie agrees to meet with Brandi while Jackie will meet with Malaysia as they both devise a plan to try to help the ladies come back together. 

The next scene opens to Angel Brinks as we are introduced to her new man RoccStar and her growing belly because the couple are expecting! Angel admits to being nervous about telling the women she’s expecting because early on in her pregnancy she concealed everything due to stress and medical problems the couple were facing. During our interview at the premiere party, Angel mentioned, “I’m excited for the fans to see my growth. I feel like the last time I was on tv I was very naive and not sure of what I was getting myself into. Now I’m grown and I’m just ready to bring it” and we can’t wait to see Angel’s growth as the season progresses further along. 

The episode returns with Shaunie meeting up with Brandi and we quickly learn that the ladies dissolved their past issues and are friends now! Brandi tells Shaunie about the breakdown of her friendship with Malaysia and called it a “one-sided friendship.” Brandi states, “Malaysia and I were really close. We’ve been friends for over 15 years. With her not being there when my dad died, she truly broke my heart.” Shaunie states, “I really hope you can talk to Malaysia and giver her another chance. It takes way more energy to be mean, hateful and wish bad on someone than it does to just live your life and enjoy.”

In the following scene, Jackie met up with Malaysia and the discussion starts out light when Jackie brings up her husband’s new career as a coach for the NBA Sacramento Kings. Malaysia having experience with this due to her ex-husband being a coach tells Jackie “He has no time, even when he’s not on the road he must go out, train and scout people. So, he has no time, none whatsoever. I’m proud of him for living his dream but he hasn’t paid child support and it’s not like he doesn’t have money because he does. I just keep taking up for him and busting my ass!” Jackie stunned by this revelation says, “I’m f**king pissed!” When the topic turns toward the beef between Brandi and Malaysia, she further elaborates that she did not know about Brandi’s father passing and makes mention that Brandi hasn’t called her to ask how life has been for her either.

In our interview with Jackie Christie she states, “I’m all about sisterhood! So, the way I bring them together this season is going to blow people’s mind.” Fans get a glimpse of this sisterhood towards the end of the premiere episode. Jackie has all the ladies meet up for a rooftop brunch. Immediately once Malaysia walks into the brunch, she announces to the ladies that she has been having “family issues” and Brandi responds, “What’s up with your energy?” The ladies quickly go on the defense and Brandi labels Malaysia’s behavior as a “character flaw.” Jackie makes it a crucial point that this divide cannot go unresolved. Jackie states, “Seriously guys, we got to keep it 100! These girls were friends for 15 f**king years. There is some hurt and anger between the two of them. We’ve got to come together and help them get through that.”  Brandi and Malaysia decide to step away from the group to have a one-on-one discussion. Malaysia profusely says “she didn’t know” about Brandi’s father passing and Brandi remains adamant that she should have know because they share so many mutual friends. The episode ends with Brandi telling Malaysia she has a “character flaw” and she’s rude. 

At the VH1 Premiere Viewing Party, in our interview we asked Brandi Maxiell if she had any unsettling issues with any of the ladies? She responded, “I love this group! We all have had our issues at one point in time in the show, but we will always be a sisterhood and I love this group of ladies.” Malaysia’s absence from this event didn’t allow for us to get her perspective on her dynamic with the ladies. Castmates, time will only tell where the dynamic of this friendship leads. Could Malaysia’s absence be a foreshadow of what’s to come ahead of Basketball Wives season 10? We’ll just have to stay tuned and see what happens next! As the Dorsey sisters stated in our interview, “You can expect to see a lot of fights, a lot of love and a lot of drama!” Be sure to catch all new episodes of Basketball Wives on VH1, Mondays at 8pm ET!

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