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Brian Redmond Shares What It’s Really Like Being A Part Of “Kandi And The Gang”

Kandi Burrus ain’t ever missed a meal or a coin. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is back with another spin-off: “Kandi and the Gang”. The show follows Kandi’s restaurant, Old Lady Gang, her family and their staff. We’re two episodes in and Brian Redmond is already a breakout star. 


Since filming, Brian describes the experience as surreal. “I really cannot believe it, it’s been a four year journey from when Todd first came to me with everything, and I’m just ecstatic that it’s finally here,” says Brian. “We had a lot of hiccups and a lot of obstacles, but we finally made it. High anxiety is all I can say. As a boss Brian would describe Kandi as laid back, loyal and understanding. He says, “what you see is what you get. She ain’t gonna take no stuff though.” He goes on to say that she is exactly the same in real life as she is on TV.


In episode two Brian opens up about his struggle with substance abuse. Regarding alcohol and drugs he states, “drinking was a part of it, but before the drugs I drank like a normal person. My journey with the drugs started and everything completely went left.” He would wake up and start the day with cocaine. He would even call it his “wake up”, to feel normal. He admits that he would even have the dope man come into his job. Brian is honest and sincere about his struggles in hopes that his story may help a lot of people. “When you’re honest, can’t nobody say nothing.”


You’d think that anyone with a substance abuse history would find it hard to work at a restaurant that serves alcohol, but Brian revealed that the drinks aren’t really the issue at OLG. He takes more issue with some of his coworkers, like Brandon, who he believes should take more initiative as a manager. Brian says that Brandon can be lazy. Brian would describe himself as a team player; if you need a drink he’s got it, if he needs to fry some chicken, he’ll fry some chicken, but he makes it clear he’s not cleaning the bathroom, but he knows who to get to clean it. 


Word on the street is that Brian is a singer, but he would refer to himself as a renaissance man. “As you see throughout, I have a lot of hats, wigs, toupees, all kinds of stuff.”


The LGBTQIA+ representation on the show is real. Redmond says, “I think it’s great to finally start seeing it on TV in this way. Normally you know we’re like the standby or the bestfriend or the one you go out with. We’re usually the add on, the accessory, we’re never really the actual stars of the show.


i’m very much so happy to see it. I think it is about time. I feel like a lot of networks, if you really look from afar, have been scared to do it. They don’t know how it’s gonna reflect. If you see it in real life happening and now you see it in numbers and on other shows, “hey RuPaul”, Then why not try it. It’s called taking a risk. And the risk is coming with some good results behind it so it’s about time. I’m glad they dived in and just went all the way and said hey let’s do it.”


Brian joins us in playing the shady truth game. When asked who is always on time he picks his bestie Torin, and as to who is always late, Dom’Unique and Shawndreca. According to Brian Torin is also the most helpful on the clock, while Shawndreca is the least helpful and always on her phone, along with Brandon. 


No one really gets in trouble anymore, but Brian says back in the day he probably got the most heat. He is closest to Torin and Shawndreca. “She’s been coming over the house. We’ve gotten a lot closer like the last year and a half.”


When asked who he would like to know better, it was a no brainer, Phillip. He describes him as rigid at work, so he would like to see that other side to him. When the staff goes out Phillip will join every now and then. “He’ll pop in, like a plant, then he’s gone. I don’t understand,” says Redmond. 


Lastly, if he could demote anyone it would be Brandon. He’d put him in “dishes.”


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