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Lisa Rinna Calls Sutton Stracke A Gold Digger

Lisa Rinna stepped into The Reality Rundown to let Sutton Stracke know what time it was, and from there it turned into a clap-back war between the co-stars. Grab your popcorn because this season just got better!

During the premier of season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Sutton didn’t miss the chance to take a jab at co-star Erika Jayne. While both ladies are single and open to dating, Sutton made it clear to co-star Kyle Richards that unlike Erika, she doesn’t care if a man is rich. “So maybe my qualifications might be a little different than your friends.”

She didn’t stop there, to finish her Sutton said,  “I have my own money, so I look for character, humor. I guess maybe unlike Erika, I don’t need money,” she continued. “I don’t need that in order to make myself feel better. Maybe Erika misses her big house, all the jewelry and the lifestyle, so she has to look for someone that can provide that for her.”

In the spirit of defending her friend Erika, Lisa called Sutton a gold digger, resulting in an online feud between the reality stars and it all happened under our very own instagram account.

Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke Go At It Under @TheRealityRundown / Instagram

Lisa Rinna and Sutton Stracke Go At It Under @TheRealityRundown / Instagram

Rinna: “Oh yeah that’s right Sutton worked her ass off to have the money she has. I guess it takes a Golddigger to know one. She’s rich honey she’s RICHHHHH!!!!!!!! Cuz of her ex husband. And hey–more power to her–however you get your cash just own it baby..”

You know Sutton had to hit Lisa back with some southern charm.

Sutton: “Now Lisa. You know that I’ve known my ex since we were kids. Don’t be doin this.”

Rinna: “So if he stopped paying you monthly–then what? You’d be in the same spot as Erika. Don’t be startin something you can’t win.”

Rinna: “Ooof your so angry. I hit a nerve.”

Rinna: “Also I thought Sutton was just too busy in her life to see this tabloid sort of stuff happening? She sure saw this now didn’t she.”

Rinna: ”It’s hard when the husband makes all the money, it’s hard not to feel weird about it. I get it. That’s why I’ve always hustled and made my own Money.”

Rinna: “I hit a nerve.”

Sutton has been very vocal on the show about her ex-husband and his wealth. After their divorce she acquired much of it, including a baseball team or two. 

Sutton and Erika have been feuding since last season, but things recently turned sour between Lisa and Sutton after she went on “Watch What Happens Live ” And accused Lisa and her husband, Harry Hamlin, of being ungrateful after she invited them as guests at an Elton John event. 

We’re sure to see this feud make it to the season 12 reunion.

Gabriel Guzman

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