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RHODubai Episode 5 Recap: Phaedra Parks Makes Her Way to Dubai

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of Dubai, we meet Caroline B.’s cousin Shawn as they sit down for lunch to meet with the one, the only Ms. Phaedra Parks! Phaedra joins Caroline and Shawn for lunch and they instantly catch up on what each other has been up to. Phaedra wants to know what the men are like in Dubai and Caroline fills her in. Phaedra asks, “What are the men like here? They can have many wives, right? I like a sister wife because maybe she can cook, and I clean.” Caroline responds, “You can marry my ex, he’s available. He cheats.” Caroline makes it clear that it is very expensive to cheat on her honey! She states, “You’re not gonna make me become accustomed to a certain lifestyle, make me put my own life on hold, that I worked so hard to build and then you go and decide to cheat and ruin our home…. oh no darling. If you cheat, it’s gonna be expensive.” The lunch ends with Caroline inviting Phaedra to meet some of the other ladies at Ski Dubai.


The scene cuts to Lesa and her family spending time with the goat that Ayan gifted them. Lesa sits down with her husband Richard to catch him up on the previous night’s events involving Caroline S. Lesa tells her husband that Caroline S. did not like that her fiancé Sergio were sort of “meshing” with Ayan and herself. Suddenly, Caroline S. says to Sergio, “I hope she’s going to suck your d***”, in reference to Lesa. Lesa’s husband says that he’s glad he wasn’t in attendance because they both considered that comment to be inappropriate to say to a married woman and it would have made him angry. Richard throws shade by telling Lesa, “Listen, don’t engage with people like that. We’re talking about a 50-year-old influencer here.”


To further develop their friendship, Caroline S. invites Ayan over for dinner. In her confessional Caroline S. says, “I’ve separated the pole from the puppet so now maybe she’ll have her own brain. Lesa’s head is up Ayan’s a** and maneuver’s her body.” Caroline strongly feels that Ayan and Lesa are codependent on each other and can’t think for themselves. Ayan arrives at Stanbury’s home and makes note that she wants to see Caroline in her natural element to better understand who she is. The topic of more kids comes up and Sergio is wanting one or two kids to add to the family, but Caroline doesn’t share the same excitement. Caroline states, “I’m not a family-oriented person at all. I went to boarding school from age 6 to 18. I went to a therapist once and she said that I basically went to the army.” Caroline credits boarding school to shaping her feelings this way and not being good with emotions.  


Sara takes Nina over to one of her family’s homes. Nina and Sara bond over their shared Arab culture as Sara’s family shares some of her childhood stories and viewers get an insight into how her entrepreneur mindset began at the young age of six. Nina appreciates Sara sharing these moments with her family as she is reminded of the memorabilia that her own family lost in the war in Lebanon. Nina talks about how her family struggled after moving to the United States because they started with nothing. It has made her appreciate everything and to take nothing for granted.


In the downtown Dubai mall, Ayan meets Lesa, and they catch up on what has happened since they last saw each other. Ayan tells Lesa that she went over to Caroline’s home and that they each had a nice time. Lesa tells Ayan about the comment Caroline S. made the other night but states that she wants to move forward and have fun with Caroline S. However, the day has arrived, and Caroline B has arranged for Phaedra, Shawn, Lesa, Caroline S., and Sergio to meet up at Ski Dubai. Caroline B. informs Phaedra that she has invited Lesa and Caroline even though the ladies don’t really like each other. In her confessional, Caroline B admits, “Phaedra said she wanted some tea. When she said that I knew exactly the tea bag I was gonna stir. Lesa Milan. Caroline Stanbury. Drink up Phaedra, enjoy.” 


Lesa arrives before Caroline S. and Caroline B. takes this opportunity to inform Lesa that Caroline S. is coming. Lesa says in her confessional, “She knows we don’t get along, what is her motive? When I tell you this woman is messy, she is the definition of messy! Sour and bitter messy.” Phaedra, Caroline B., and Lesa are all dressed and ready to hit the ski slopes when Caroline S. arrives and announces that she will not join the other ladies in wearing the ski outfits provided by the resort. The tension between Caroline S. and Lesa ignites immediately because Lesa doesn’t feel like Caroline S. is being a team player. Caroline B. admits that she doesn’t think that Lesa has ever given Caroline S. a fair chance but she says, “If a b***h ever told me to suck someone’s d***, I would snatch that b***h and that would be the last thing she ever says. Period.” 


The ladies gear up to hit the slopes! Although Caroline S. won’t be skiing because she’s only there to hang out and meet Phaedra. Caroline S. gives the impression that the baby slopes in Ski Dubai are beneath her. As Lesa goes gliding by, Caroline S. says, “She’s lucky I’m not pushing her faster down that mountain. The way I feel about that woman right now, I don’t care where that pole ends up.” Caroline B. admits that she was hoping this would be an opportunity for Lesa and Caroline S to mend but gives a shady laugh. 


Later, everyone gathers for Ayan’s birthday dinner at Shanghai Me. As Ayan arrives with her son, she greets all the guests and thanks them for coming. Ayan asks Lesa how the goat is doing, and Caroline B. jokingly asks Ayan, “Why did I get lemons and not a goat?” Ayan responds, “It started bitter but, in the end, we made lemonade which is sweet.” Indicating that her relationship with Caroline B. was sour but they both decided to make it better. Caroline S. jumps in and says, “Well I got nothing. If that isn’t a subliminal message, then I don’t know what was.” In her confessional Ayan says, “Nothing. That is the best gift that I could have given her.” 


The conversation shifts to Sergio and Caroline’s upcoming wedding. Caroline S. brings up the fact that she doesn’t want to spend the entire time sitting with Sergio’s parents because she has tons of friends coming in from LA that she wants to spend time with. Nina interjects and thinks Caroline should spend more time with Sergio’s parents since they’ve never met. Sergio does appear to be a bit saddened about Caroline’s stance even though Nina is doing her best to try to get through to Caroline. She wants her to see the other perspective. Nina states, “Caroline to you it’s no offense but others could be offended by that.” Sergio and Caroline begin to bicker, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll reach a resolution. Caroline S. admits that she doesn’t speak to her parents but twice a year so it’s very foreign to her how Sergio is with his family. Maybe it’s true or maybe it’s just shade but Ayan predicts this relationship not to last more than 3 years.


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