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RHONJ Episode 4 Recap: Teresa Giudice Is Tired Of Her Castmates, Storms Off After Luis Ruelas Rumors Surface

The latest episode of RHONJ picked up with a cliffhanger. The ladies are at Jackie’s ‘frat party’ and in typical ‘frat’ fashion there was a “whose dick is bigger” argument. Well…in this case whose loyalty is bigger: Jacki vs Dolores. Don’t tell Jacki, but I think Dolores won. 


Disclaimer: Teresa was in Boston as the ladies gathered at Jackie’s event, otherwise this night might have gone down differently, but keep reading as her return is explosive. 


Dolores is upset that Jackie would go behind her back and tell Jennifer that she doesn’t think Dolores has been the kind of friend that Jennifer needs. “I’ve known Dolores since she was 19 years old,” says Frank Catana, “Dolores grew up on the streets of Patterson; she’s a street fighter.” He even goes on to say that she once got into a fight in a bar and bit through two of a girl’s nails. Dolores takes her beef and moves over to Jennifer for not speaking up about her feelings towards her. Dolores has told the ladies that she called it quits with David, her boyfriend of the last few years, so that might explain her reaction. 


The beef then moves onto Margaret and Jennifer as they have a one-on-one conversation. “I don’t want to have issues with you, but you had a double standard. You crucified me for it,” says Margaret. Jennifer is adamant it’s not the same. Margaret responds, “it is the same, your husband was like me.” Referring to the fact that she was unfaithful in her first marriage, just as Bill was unfaithful to Jennifer 10 years ago. “Okay that’s fair,” says Jennifer. 


This might be the closest we’ve gotten to an apology from Jennifer since her crusade against Margaret, where she slut shamed her relentlessly for a year. 


Margaret is up there with housewives who are considered trustworthy narrators but she may have missed the mark while Jennifer was explaining that she’s part of the Syrian Orthodox community. Jennifer goes on to say that they all know her husband Bill. “I don’t want him to be humiliated, my family’s name, it’s my in-laws, they’re going to blame me for everything.” She wouldn’t be surprised if they thought it was her fault for being a bad wife, if she wasn’t sleeping with him enough. For now this conversation between the two foes has been put to bed.


Trigger warning: eating disorder coming up


In a previous episode we saw Jackie having an honest conversation with her husband Evan about her eating disorder. Jackie says her eating is so ritualized. Which leads one to wonder if old habits really do die hard? Evan admits that her children have been noticing her eating patterns lately, and they’ve even asked “why is mom eating the same dinner every night?” The most tearful moment was when Jackie says “I’m afraid i”m going to relapse and kill myself, I just don’t want to do this anymore.” 


A round of applause to Jackie for being brave enough to share her story,  and to her husband Evan for being so incredibly supportive. Later on we see Jackie seek help as she visits The Renfrew Center, expert eating disorder treatment. Below you can find a link to locations across the US. 


Dolores’ family are all about to be under one roof, for the first time, so they’ve called a family meeting to set ground rules, including but not limited to no girls, for Frank senior. Dolores’ family might just be one of my favorite family dynamics across any housewife franchise. Her ex-husband Frank, aka her best friend, father to her children, who in fact did not raise them, nor live with them, is actually moving in with them for the first time, as grown adults. You really can’t make this stuff up, and I am here for it. 


At Jennifer’s shore house we see Jennifer recap Teresa about the frat party last weekend. This is our first time really hearing from Jennifer’s mouth that Dolores has not been a friend to her. And in an awkward moment Teresa suggests that the BBQ should be moved from Teresa’s house to Jennifer’s backyard. The look on Jennifer’s face says it all. Could this be Teresa stirring the pot or protecting her boyfriend from the cameras?

Luis Ruelas Video That Is Talked About During The Season


My favorite line while at the beach comes when Margaret describes Luis: “He is charming, he’s good looking. So is a car salesman.” And then Margaret’s husband says “Sometimes when there’s that much smoke there’s gotta be some fire.” 


The couple that shades together stays together.


Dolores finds Jackie’s newfound friendship with Jennifer suspicious. She reveals that at Teresa’s pool party Jackie had some nasty words to say about Jennifer’s husband, bill. According to Dolores, Jackie said “I don’t care he shouldn’t have stuck his dick in someone else.”


Teresa says that Luis won’t make it to the beach because of traffic, but after what we find out, he might have arrived late on purpose. 


Back at the shore house Teresa gets a call from Luis where he says “he’s a few minutes away” then he follows with “I just want to get out of here”. Teresa gasps and says “why? I’m mic’d.” Luis tells her to turn it off. Shortly after Melissa gets a text from Teresa and she reads it to the group. According to Melissa, Teresa instructed them to not say a word (we can only imagine she’s referring to the video circulating about Luis) , do the right thing and to back up her boyfriend. 


The episode ends with every viewers dream: A fourth wall break


Producer: Teresa…

Teresa: What happened with Luis?

Producer: We talked to him in the parking lot, and he’s all upset. Did he talk to you about it?

Teresa: No (we know this is a lie because of the text she had sent Melissa)

Producer: I think he feels like everyone is talking about him, and he wants to know why.

Teresa: I told him not to come around if he feels like that. He does not deserve this; he does not have to prove anything.

Producer: Here’s the thing, the story’s out there 

Teresa: (raising her voice) I don’t want to discuss it. They’re not happy for us, they want to sabotage us.

Producer: Where are you going?

Teresa: I’m leaving


Producer follows Teresa as she’s leaving Jennifer’s house. Teresa turns around and loudly asks “Why are they still filming?” while looking dead at the cameraman. Teresa gets in her boyfriend’s car but not without letting the producer know that they can all go eff themselves. 


To be continued…

Gabriel Guzman

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