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The Real Housewives of Miami Season 4 Finale Recap: Explosive Beginning, Sad Ending

It’s the finale of RHOM! This finale starts out with a bang as it continues from the heated conversation between Adriana and Larsa at Alexia’s bachelorette party. Adriana and Larsa continue to hurl insults at each other which led to Adriana accusing Larsa of wanting to be a “Kim Kardashian” look-a-like and Larsa accusing Adriana of being insecure and bi-polar. Larsa ends up leaving the party but if you ask me, I think Adriana hit a button in Larsa. Marysol gathers the remaining girls to enjoy the night’s festivities! 

Just when we thought all the arguing was done, Larsa pops back up to join the girls for a farewell breakfast. Although Larsa greets everyone, she comes in with guns blazing and ready to pick up where she left off from the previous night. She immediately turns her attention to Julia to address those issues. Larsa states, “when have you ever tried to make plans with me?” “When have you ever tried to get to know me, get to know my family, I came to your house and got know your family?” Julia responds, “I felt like making friends with me in real life wasn’t good enough because I only have two-thousand Instagram followers versus two million”. Larsa says she feels like Julia is biased to Adriana and that’s the real issue at hand. Then Adriana and Larsa get into a pissing match yet again. 

As the girls return to their regular lives, we learn that Alexia’s mother continues to be hospitalized which places stress on the family as their wedding day is vastly approaching. Unfortunately, the uncertainty of her mother’s health as she battles COVID-19 looms over what should be a time of celebration.

Larsa and Scottie officially sign their divorce papers. She begins the transition into this new chapter of her life as a single woman. The tone of the episodes takes an even more sad turn as Nicole discusses with Marysol that Alexia’s mother has been released from the hospital with hospice care. Nicole presents the idea of doing a solidarity ceremony with all the girls on behalf of Alexia.

The latter part of this episode shows Guerdy discussing with her husband everything that needed to be cancelled for Alexia’s wedding which originally was taking place this very day. During that conversation, Guerdy shockingly says to her husband “oh my God Russell, she died. Today was supposed to be the wedding.” “Poor Alexia, she just can’t catch a break.” 

The solidarity ceremony begins as the ladies start to arrive to Nicole’s home. All of the ladies work to put their differences aside after being reminded that there are more important things to life than petty drama. As the ladies arrive, Lisa enters the scene in a bright green dress while most of the other ladies are wearing black. Lisa states, “I should’ve worn black.” Although no one is saying it, everyone is thinking she should have worn black. The ladies retreat to the pool area where they each say a sweet sentiment for Alexia and her mother while each placing lit lanterns to float off in the water. 

Disclaimer: Larsa wasn’t in attendance because she was in Los Angeles. Nicole was not in attendance due to work.

The ladies show up in support of Alexia’s family as they bury her mother. It reminds us that the ladies of Miami know how to be there for each other when it is needed. Fast forward four months later, Alexia and Todd announce they are going to get married in St. Barts!

The end of RHOM reflects on what’s to come for some of the ladies. Alexia does elope with Todd in St. Barts. Unfortunately, her marital bliss was short-lived when her son Peter was charged with battery after an alleged physical altercation with his girlfriend. Guerdy: made her way onto Vogue’s list of best wedding planners. Nicole’s $40 million offer fell through on their home, but Anthony proposed with a 10-carat diamond ring. Lisa is enjoying motherhood with her two beautiful children and Larsa is single and ready to mingle now that she has sold her home and bought a penthouse in Miami while Julia and Martina move into their new Miami Beach home!

Rest in Heaven, Nancy Hernandez


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