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The Real Housewives of Potomac’s Candiace Dillard-Bassett Reacts To Firing Rumors, “I Don’t Want To Get Fired”

“The Real Housewives of Potomac” star Candiace Dillard-Bassett is Pushin’ P–podcast that is. She’s spilling all the tea on the latest episode of her podcast “So That’s What We’re Doing?” All I can say is my cup runneth over trying to catch all this tea henny. 


The people v. Candiace

A new segment on the podcasts has Dillard-Bassett reading angry tweets from “fans” with a response from the clapback queen herself.


Angry tweet: “I pray Candiace is fired. I want to continue watching RHOP but won’t if she is on.”


Dillard-Bassett: “This is why I cannot take you seriously “ashy person”, because you can’t read me when you can’t read nor write your damn self.”


Angry tweet·#2: “I feel like Candiace Dillard says the nastiest things to her castmates and then hides her tail when they bark back.”


Dillard-Bassett: “Now see this is gas lighting okay you are gaslighting me because this is literally what they do to me. I don’t start anything with these girls. I’m always available for a ki(ki), for a vibe, for a libation, for a pork chop whatever. I’m never here for the mess. But my house is always on the block and my porch light stays on and I’m always at home. So if you come to my door “rat-to-tatton” on my door of course I’m going to answer and you’re going to get what you came for.”


Angry tweet#3: “Candiace Dillard got to be one of the most evil housewives to ever be on the franchise like right there next to Phaedra except she’s not remotely entertaining she’s just evil. and awful with the emotional development of a 13 year old person. Karma is a bitch honey. And she is coming for you.”


Dillard-Bassett: “What are you even saying because Phaedra is not evil? I guess because she allegedly made up a rumor so maybe they’re saying that was evil? But like I have my thoughts on that that I can’t comment on because I don’t want to get fired.


Dillard-Bassett is referring to the infamous moment Phaedra Parks was caught lying on Kandi Buress during season 9 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”, but it seems that Dillard is alluding to some foul play behind the scenes, perhaps by production? Could this lift some dirt off Parks’ name?


Atlanta to Salt Lake City

The “So That’s What We’re Doing?” hosts touch on Jennie Nguyen’s controversial, racist posts that led to her termination. Dillard-Bassett says “She could have just said you know I recognize that my stance on certain things and my beliefs is offensive to people and I regret that I have been offensive to people.” She continues, “I’m going to go away and try to do the unlearning of these things that are controversial and discrimintory, but even that would require her to belive that what she’s saying is discriminatory, and she doesn’t.”


Is she the most hated by Andy?

Co-host Leah Henry addresses the rumors going around regarding Dillard-Bassett; Henry says “speaking of lies or rumors there is actually a rumor going around about you so I wanted you to address it.” 


During a special edition of Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen confessed his disdain for “one or two” housewives, however he puts aside his personal feelings because they make for great television. Fans quickly assumed: Dillard-Bassett and RHOA star Kenya Moore. 


Dillard-Bassett told the Twittersphere to leave her out of this. She did “@“ Cohen, and said “Do you see what you started?” On her podcast she says, “if you had just sat there Andy and ate your food and just said I love all the housewives, I just think that they are the most amazing contributors to pop culture and they have changed the game.” Her co-host Henry interrupts and says “I’ll be honest this sounds very guilty like it’s you.” Dillard-Bassett fires back with “Well it might be me hell, it very well might be my black ass, and if that’s the case okay thank you, thank you for putting me on the map.”


Fans have found Cohen to be “nasty” with Dillard-Bassett and to that she responds, “Really I don’t feel that?” She says Andy is a “shady boot. That’s his job.” 


Dillard-Bassett claims to have a good relationship with her boss. She even texted him “mazel tov” when he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


An excerpt from the housewives exposé “Not All Diamonds and Rose” by Dave Quinn might have given fans the impression that there was a rift between Cohen and Dillard-Bassett. The excerpt references the brawl between former RHOP cast member Monique Samuels and Dillard-Bassett. 


Henry says “It was said, in the book, that you went off about the way that you felt he didn’t respond the way you wanted to.” 


Apparently Dillard-Bassett spoke to Cohen and wanted to know if he was going to do something regarding Samuels, but he was not as responsive as she would have liked. To this Dillard-Bassett responded “Yeah well, you know I can’t divulge our conversations.” Whether Cohen likes Dillard-Bassett: “I don’t care, my check is signed.”


Her co-host then says “And either way even if he is talking about you he said you ain’t going nowhere so praise the lord.”

Interesting enough, on Mar 3, 2022, well after the release of this podcast episode, Dillard-Bassett tweeted “Well. When one door closes, another will open.” Does that mean shady boot (Cohen) gave the RHOP star the actual boot? Filming for “The Real Housewives of Potomac” begins soon so stay tuned.

Gabriel Guzman

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