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What We Can Expect From This Season of The RHOSLC According To The Tarot Cards

Anybody else feel a chill in the air? Oh, that’s just The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City blowing back onto our screens in the new trailer for Season 4. Jen Shah might be out of the picture, but we still have our other favorite ice queens – Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, and Whitney Rose. Plus, Angie Katsanevas is going from a friend to an official snowflake holder while Mary Cosby makes her triumphant return. Also, new Housewife Monica Garcia proclaims that she would you-know-what John Barlow and Seth Marks right in front of Lisa and Meredith.

From Lisa saying she’s always on play to Mary boldly telling Heather that she thinks she looks inbred, the upcoming season is sure to leave our teeth chattering. But what do the cards have to say? Mary, don’t send Jesus after me. It’s time for a Reality Rundown Tarot Reading.

What’s Going On With Whitney’s Marriage?

Whitney talks to Angie about the state of her marriage, admitting that she asked Justin if he wants to continue on with their relationship while revealing the fact that she isn’t even sure if she wants to stay with him.

In the first position of Whitney’s energy in the relationship, I have the Seven of Cups, which signifies a lack of focus. She’s being blinded by shiny things and too many options. It’s possible that her many work obligations are getting in the way of her seeing what she really wants or needs for herself in the context of her marriage to Justin. She needs clarity around what her heart truly wants and it turns out that her desires are actually right in front of her. She just needs to put more energy into picking the right cup.

In the position of Justin’s energy, two cards jumped out – the Two of Pentacles and the Wheel of Fortune in reverse. The Two of Pentacles tells Justin to find balance, whether that be in his schedule or managing the family’s budget. If you remember last season, we saw that Justin had lost his job. Pentacles usually point towards financial matters. Now, the Wheel of Fortune in reverse points to delays, setbacks, and uncomfortable change. It’s possible that Justin losing his job might be a point of contention in the marriage in season 4.

While there’s clearly a conflict, what bridges them together is the Sun card. This shows that there is real love between them. In season 4, we’ll likely see them work towards renewing their passion with fun and playfulness. With the Judgement card, they’ll find their highest potential by accepting their mistakes, letting past grudges go, and – of course – by releasing judgment. The 10 of pentacles is all about the abundance of love and support within their family. There will be plenty of money flowing into the Rose household.

However, season 4 will highlight challenges with the 8 of Swords showing that they feel trapped or stuck in their relationship, but they can’t walk away since the thought of leaving is too frightening. The Ten of Wands also shows that there’s a feeling of being overwhelmed, pressured, or burdened by responsibility. There may be trouble in the Rose garden, but I don’t think they will stay down for long.

New Girl Monica Breaks the Ice

Heather asks who is the real Monica in the trailer and, quite frankly, I want to know too.

Monica is sitting on her throne as the King of Wands. She’s an authoritative leader, confident – and even though we see her crying over a Louis Vuitton bag in the trailer – this card shows that she’s actually quite calm  when dealing with misfortune. Not to mention she’s as cool as a cucumber when she tells Heather she was married in the temple and later excommunicated.

The Lovers card isn’t always about romance. Here it’s showing that Monica will be finding harmony between her confident King of Wands energy and the Four of Pentacles, which reveals that Monica will dive deeper into her need to maintain financial security. The Six of Pentacles lends itself to this energy as well, showing me that she prefers a generous partner. She’s comfortable being on the receiving end of her relationships.

Heather Calls Lisa’s Son’s Mission “Weird”

As a rule of thumb in the Housewives canon, children are off limits – or otherwise should be. So, I will keep Heather’s concern for Lisa’s son’s mission short and sweet.

The Ace of Cups and the Queen of Wands represent Lisa while the Knight of Wands and King of Swords represent Heather. The Ace of Cups shows that Lisa is clearly excited about this mission and sees this as a gift of divine love for her son Jack. The Queen of Wands shows that Lisa will be solely concerned with nurturing Jack as he gets ready to go on his mission. She’s jumping into action in support of her child. This is definitely motherly energy and she’s not backing down. On the other hand, Heather’s Knight of Wands is charging at Lisa, showing that her energy is quick moving — almost hasty – and highly passionate. The King of Swords shows Heather standing up for what she believes in and standing up for others as she calls the doctrine problematic. 

There’s Something About Angie K.

The rumor mill is abuzz about Angie K. as we see Lisa tell her that someone’s saying she uses her businesses to wash her money.

The crap may very well hit the fan for Angie K. financially with the Tower card and the Four of Pentacles. There might be major upheaval and sudden change with her businesses. All this destabilization is going to cause her to hold on tightly to her coins. These two cards could also signify the breakdown of a friendship that may force her to become more guarded.

This might sound like doom and gloom, but don’t fret because the divine is on her side in the form of the Hierophant. This card shows that she’ll learn lessons that will lead her to celebration with the victorious Six of Wands. One way or another, Angie K. is going to come out on top. 

Mary’s Back!

There are zingers on top of zingers in the season 4 trailer, most of which come from Mary M. Cosby. Let’s see what’s in store for the church leader.

The Death card is probably the most misunderstood card in tarot. All it signifies is the end of one cycle and the start of another – rebirth. In season 4, Mary is saying goodbye to defensiveness with the Seven of Wands, she’s done with having her reputation manipulated by the opinions of others with the Two of Swords in reverse, and the Queen of Swords in reverse shows that she’s over all the criticism she was faced with the last time we saw her in season 2. As Mary approaches the other end of her transformation with the Star card, season 4 will be all about hope and healing for Mary. 

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premieres TONIGHT on Bravo TV at 9pm ET.

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